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  1. A trophy is something you compete for and win. Taking a life, any life, is not a trophy. This “trophy hunting” is neither a sport or hunting, and anyone who gets pleasure out of taking a life is sociopathic.


  2. This is dreadful news for all species in the world.Botswana like a lot of Africa is special because of the wildlfe.The presudent should ensure that trophy hunting by anyone is banned.


  3. People have regularly caused the extinction of wild animals. The dodo and the carrier pigeon come immediately to mind, and the North American Bison was nearly hunted to extinction. So why are we concerned about one more species? Because we need to STOP this destructive behaviour. Mankind is meant to be the preserver of life. We’re killing ourselves through global warming. Give the animals a chance to survive us.


  4. I absolutely abhore anyone who takes an animals life .There are many humans l wouldnt think twice about shooting !!!


  5. We loose 100 elephants daily because of various killings. Do we need the hunters to contribute to this????😡😡😡😡


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